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The Polygraph Examiner Lie Detector: Greenville, SC

73 Roper Mountain Rd
Greenville, SC 29607
United States (US)
Phone: (864) 569-0672

Polygraph Examiner Local Certified, Confidential, Accurate and Licensed Lie Detection Tests Greenville, SC Lie Detection Service, Polygraph Exam Service, Lie Detector Service Get A Free Consultation. Get Pricing – Call (864) 569-0672.


Meetings & Examinations by appointment only. For ethical, confidentiality, and accuracy reasons, The Polygraph Examiner does not come to your location due to the fact that we need a specific environment to effectively conduct polygraph examinations. To ensure the privacy of our other clients, no walk-in appointments are allowed.

Why the Polygraph Examiner for Polygraph Lie Detector Test Near You Greenville, SC?

The only lie detector/ Polygraph examiner that travels with an actual polygraph chair to look for anyone trying to beat the lie detector polygraph test.

With the Polygraph Examiner Doing Your Polygraph Lie Detector Test Near You Greenville, SC…you can expect:

  • Relationship and sexual assault lie detection specialist
  • Multi-State Licensed & Certified
  • Strict Adherence to Testing Protocols Established by the American
  • Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists
  • Unparalleled Accuracy Rates
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Local Greenville, SC Lie Detector Polygraph – Days, Nights & Weekends

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The Most Accurate Lie Detector Polygraph Test Near You Greenville, SC

Watch the video to see how our Lie Detector Polygraph Test in Greenville SC is far superior to any of our Greenville, SC polygraph lie detector competitors.

Is your back against the wall? Are you falsely accused? Do you need somebody on your side? Someone who will fight for you? Call Andrew Goldstein. He saved me, and he can save you too... but only if you're innocent.
Andrew was AMAZING. If you’re telling the truth, regardless of your anxiety you will be fine. I knew I was telling the truth, but my anxiety was through the roof. He was professional, calming, and absolutely made it worth it. Don’t be scared, just be honest, regardless of your anxiety and you will be fine. Thank you for saving our relationship Andrew!
Very thorough and professional. Mr. Goldstein made the experience comfortable and explained the testing in detail beforehand.
The examiner was very professional explained everything even taught me how to read the test after it was done it showed how it was done explained in detail I would recommend this to anyone that has questions to make a relationship stronger and if the other party does not want to participate there is something wrong That's why I was there everything worked out perfect and it made our relationship even stronger
I had to receive a polygraph as part of the process of applying to be a police officer. Doing this made me anxious. However, I was extremely honest on my F3 and before the exam Andrew Goldstein reviewed my paperwork with me to ensure that everything was accurate. During our conversation Andrew was extremely polite and explained the entire procedure and made me feel comfortable (even though I was still anxious). He explained that being anxious was normal for something I’ve never done before. I passed with flying colors so just remember that if you feel anxious it’s okay and just make sure that you are completely honest! Great experience and really cool to do something that I’ve only seen on TV.
Andrew was very kind and welcoming. Any nervousness went away once we met, talked. He was very patient and professional, which can be a challenge in situations which aren’t exactly ideal. I certainly commend him. Great person, great services. He made this process more than bearable. If you know you are honest and would like to prove that, He’s your guy. 10/10 DO recommend.
If you wanna prove someone wrong when they falsely accuse you of things, Andrew is your guy! My husband is going to feel pretty stupid later!
I recently had the pleasure of undergoing a polygraph exam with Andrew, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. From the moment I walked in, his professionalism and approachable demeanor immediately put me at ease. Andrew took the time to explain every aspect of the process in detail, ensuring I was comfortable and informed at each step.Throughout the exam, Andrew’s expertise was evident. He was thorough, attentive, and very patient, making sure I understood the significance of each part of the test. His calm and reassuring presence made what could have been a stressful experience feel manageable and straightforward.If you can follow instructions and be honest, Andrew is definitely the person you want in your corner. His dedication to his work and his clients is truly commendable. I want to personally thank Andrew for his exceptional service and the professionalism he brings to his career. It was a truly positive experience, and I am grateful for his support and expertise.
I was being falsely accused of cheating, my husband had several people telling him I was doing things I have never done. Andrew was so kind and reassuring, he realized I have anxiety and that didn't alter the test. I highly recommend using him if you need the truth to be known!
Andrew was very professional, courteous, patient and kind. I was having doubts about my spouse and he showed me how to read the polygraph test so I was reassured that my wife was telling the truth and has not cheated on me
Goldstein has finally cleared me of my wrongfully accused deeds for years. This has helped me move on. Great Examiner.
I had a great experience! Andrew made me feel comfortable! I was in the chair as my fiance thought I was cheating! Well I was telling the truth. I would recommend Andrew for anyone that has doubts about anything !!
If you're lying don't call Andrew!
Absolutely a kind person! Maked the situation as comfortable as it could be. He explained everything very clear and precise. I would for sure recommend to anyone. If you have serious questions you need answered! Thank you again!!
I was worried & nervous about explaining my situation at first but Andrew made me feel very comfortable. He is very professional & easy to talk to. He explained how to read the polygraph so I could see for myself the results I was looking for. He is awesome at what he does & I highly recommend him if your looking to gain insight on a difficult situation. Ty again Andrew 😊
He made the whole process smooth and comfortable. He made sure the whole process was understood and it was a overall great experience. He is non judgemental and great at reducing the whole stress of the situation.
Wonderful job! If you are a truth teller call this man RIGHT AWAY... if you are a liar STAY AWAY! The truth will be told... because what is done in darkness WILL come to light with this man!
The scheduling process was smooth, all of my questions were thoroughly answered, and both Andrew and Gary made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I was well educated on how everything would work and am thankful I was able to get to the truth without a shadow of a doubt.
Passionate about his work. Most accurate readings you will get. Most importantly well respected in his certifications and all around. Want the best results than this it the guy to go too. I would use his services any time.
I highly recommend The Polygraph Examiner. Knowing the truth will make you free! Almighty God was the godly advice I chose to follow because the devil is an accuser and a liar & wants to stir up trouble. Knowing God’s word can make a difference between go or stay, as well as night & day. God request that his people diligently seek truth and I sought it by way of Mr. Andrew Goldstein. Upon hearing the truth, I was able to return to the love and peace that Jesus Christ offers. Mr. Andrew, a soft spoken, well-skilled polygraph examiner along with his unchallenging equipment, knew just the right questions to ask to remove doubts and mend relationship. I am grateful & thankful to my Heavenly Father that Mr. Andrew was placed in my pathway, and a relationship was mended.
I was accused of a larceny felony, I've been completely exonerated and vindicated, thanks to Andrews expertise and professionalism, he know how to keep you comfortable and relaxed and not nervous during the exam which makes all the difference.
Mr. Andrew is so amazing! Not only will you get fast and accurate results, but he takes the time to show you exactly how he gets the results and how to read the results for yourself. If you need to get to the bottom of things and know the truth for yourself, Andrew Goldstein is one million percent the man you are looking for. He is kind and basically holds your hand and walks you through the process step by step. He is professional and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to find the truth, because that is exactly what he can and will give you!
The reviews speak for him. He is so kind, patient, and professional. With his help we were able to correct some issues of mistrust in our marriage. If you have any doubt about the process just call him he is passionate about his profession and you will hear it for yourself. Thanks again for walking us both through the process step-by-step. God Bless
After being accused of the absolute worst thing imaginable as a parent, I contacted this company to conduct a polygraph for me. Being a highly anxious person with ADHD, I was worried about not being able to complete the exam. Andrew put me at ease from the very moment I called him to schedule the exam. He was personable and professional on the day of the exam. I highly recommend this company if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.
I had a been accused of something I would never do. This helped out with proving I didn’t do anything. If you want to be proven to be truthful, this is the person to call.
We used him and recommend him to anyone whom is wanting peace of mind or to clear their name with sensitive subject matters. I appreciate what he did to help repair a bond that was broken due to an accusation. Now my family members can begin to mend their relationship!
The reason why I gave him 5 stars is because he did everything right and it was wonderful. The other reason why is because my results where wonderful and I’m speaking from a man’s point of view. For all the man that have doubts and there going through some things with there partner I say to do it don’t be afraid and don’t be mad.
He was very straight forward with all his questions a professional I would recommend him for anyone that wants to know the truth instead of Lies
Mr. Andrew was very professional and kind. I was embarrassed and super nervous, but had no other way to prove myself. This was it. And he helped me with something no one else could have. He is accurate and I do not recommend anyone being dishonest because he will know it. My life is at peace now and my husband’s mind is at ease and I will forever be thankful to Mr. Andrew for that.
Andrew was very professional and helped me with settling some of the trust issues I have with my wife.
Very convenient great locations speedy so specific with questions very professional Also he make sure you get the answers that are needed he really saved my relationship thanks will recommend anyone to him
Wow! Andrew was incredibly professional. He was efficient, effective, and thorough. This is the man you should contact for your needs to uncover the truth. 120% recommend. I’m satisfied with my services. February 2024.
Extremely professional examiner. I am more than satisfied with my experience. If you NEED to know, then this is where you should go!!!
10 out of 10 experience “ testing is very accurate “ helped prove my innocence and was very prompt and got it done in expeditiously “
Best guy ever. He got me in quick and his a true person. On the phone he talked to me like I was family. I wanted an exam done the same day and he keep telling me to wait a couple of day because of the rush I would not pass the test. So that showed me that it was not about money. If you need any help please try him.
He is very calm patient and thorough. If you are lying stay away from him. If you are telling the truth Andrew is your guy and he will prove you are being 100% honest.
Andrew was so very professional and a pleasure to work with. He explained the process so clearly that I felt comfortable and safe. If you are willing to be honest, this is easy! I highly recommend.
He was very nice and if your telling the truth they’ll know.
Very wonderful and nice guy. I was extremely nervous and a bit ashamed but Andrew made me feel comfortable and calm. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you so much for helping me with my situation!!
Great experience!
Andrew Goldstein is the absolute best. He’s very respectful and is only concerned with the facts not emotions, intent, or feelings. I serve in the United States Air Force and he was able and willing to further prove my innocence in a case involving military personnel. I was extremely nervous due to never taking a polygraph. I have been going over the case in my head for 7 months now questioning my own integrity. I have been going to mental health and I’m silently depressed due to a lopsided verdict. I have 2 appeals left and decided to take a polygraph exam so my character won’t be in question. To be clear, I am not suicidal. I’m just going through a lot. I took the exam and the results came back in my favor. It’s something I already knew, but to have further evidence/proof of my innocence helps me ease the suffering physically, mentally and spiritually. Hope I can move forward and my command team will do the right thing and get everything expunged. It’s about doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. Thank you Andrew!
You guys!! If you ever need a lie detection examination this is your guy! I went in with heightened anxiety and immediately this man put my mind at ease. The process was simple and easy to follow and not the typical interrogation you see in all the shows and movies. The atmosphere was calm, straight forward and completely more simple than expected. Again great experience overall!
My minor child with severe anxiety, and no trust in men. She was seen by Mr. Andrew. Andrew was absolutely professional, kind, caring and not intimidating and very easy-going with my child. Made her feel safe and not threatened. She had all great things to say about him which is not normal for my child with men. He explain the process very well. After the Exam was done. He had spoke to me, explained things to me, showed me how it works so that I could understand. I would absolutely call him again if I ever needed to. Was well worth the money to prove my child’s innocence!
As a teenager even with Adhd you can make it if you’ve been falsely accused
Worth the trip no matter how long it was for a actual licensed Examiner! ... A lot of states do not have a licensing board for Polygraph Examiners. That means anyone who wants to can do them. I'm very pleased with how my son and myself were treated so kindly. Thank You
To anybody out there that's been accused of sexual assault/assault even if you're angry and upset Mr Goldstein is an amazing guy it don't feel like you're out of options and have no power Mr Andrew Goldstein and his mini decades of experience will get you the results you deserve.
If you have been accused of a FEDERAL crime and did not do it. Andrew will definitely price your innocence.
If you've been accused of the worst thing in the world, this will give you the courage to prove your innocence! Do it!
I cannot explain how much I recommend going to Andrew. If you are telling the truth he can prove it easily while making you comfortable and at ease. Do it for yourself and you will never regret it for a second. He gave me my life back!!!!!!!!
If you’re telling the truth, this exam is no problem. This is no joke, 100% hooked up to wires, breathing monitors, sweat monitors and all. If you’re lying, it’s best to not try to fool the test. I’m very satisfied with the professionalism and dedication Andrew has to this exam.
Mr Goldstein is extremely professional and very diligent. He takes ample time to explain the entire process to clients, and does his best to make a stressful situation more relaxing. Having utilized his services now twice I would highly recommend.
Mr. Andrew was polite and made me feel very comfortable during the examination. The best part is helped me prove the truth. Highly recommend!
Andrew is the most professional guy i have ever met doesn’t take sides just gets the truth.Guys if you want to know if your being cheated on or got suspicious activity this guy is your go to guy. He takes the time to teach you how to read the pollygraph and shows examples of liars and truths. So If your wanting to know the truth call Andrew.
The examiner was patient with me and answered all of my questions. He explained the process very well and made me feel at ease. I would recommend him a thousand times more
I am pastor and Everyone looks at me for the truth and this is a way to provide the truth
I had my test done on 11/19/2023, I suffer from depression and anxiety and have been very stressed out and haven’t been able to sleep in about a month I did testing to prove I was being truthful because I’ve been having problems with my family. I thought the test wouldn’t work because of my emotional stress but it still worked. YOU KNOW YOUR TRUTH THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH AND A LIE IS A LIE and Goldstin was able to help me prove my truth. He was very patient and understanding with me and walked me throughout the test it was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you for doing what you do, because of you I can now continue in life without having to feel lost. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Mr. Goldstein was very professional and answered all of my questions I had prior to testing my 16 year old son that has been accused of of something extremely serious. As a parent it is hard to go through having to put a child to the test (LITERALLY) to prove their innocence and telling the truth because of bullies! Mr. Goldstein put my nerves at ease with the care and passion he has for what he does. He explained the process in great detail before being the test. He truly cares and was great with my son! I am thankful I made the call and trusted him with something so important - my child! I highly recommend Mr. Goldstein if you, your child, family or friends need honest and true results. If you are lying don't waste your time. He will know!Thank you Mr. Goldstein!
I had an issue with family, and Andrew was able to show that I was telling the truth. He is a good man. If you are telling the truth, follow his directions and the test will show. If you are lying stay away from Andrew he will catch you!
I’m Noah a 16 year old kid and I was falsely accused of something very serious and thank god I was pointed I. This direction he had done more then you know in such a short amount of time if your a kid struggling with bullying and things like I am or anything he’s the guy to call
He is one of the best want find any better he fix our problem
Andrew did an excellent job explaining the exam process and elements. Very friendly and professional. Impressive credentials.
Andrew did a great job for me. He was very professional. He explained the entire process very well before starting and the entire experience was great. I highly recommend Andrew.
To be honest Mr. Goldstein made the polygraph the most comfortable experience. He's very understanding and helpful he is highly recommended in my book thank you for get my truth out.
Great guy and experienceTell the truth and will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done
Even if you have anxioty If you are being accused of doing something you are not doing you have to go see the polygraph examiner. It will be able to help you like it has helped me. I have taken the test twice and both times i was able to prove to my boyfriend that i have been faithful. Thanks to andrew, the polygraph examiner!
If you are lying don't hire him!
Easy to prove ur innocence and saveUr marriage if accused of cheating
If you need to prove you are telling the truth about anything, Andrew is the person you want to go to! He is great in every way, very professional, personable and knowledgeable. He knows how to reassure you and make you feel comfortable and confident about the test. If you are telling the truth and listen to what he tells you and follow his directions it is easy and the results will be positive. He also has the experience and credentials to validate his test. Can’t say enough good things about Andrew and taking this test!!
Mr. Goldstein was very professional. Nice, kind, and helped me prove my innocence! Wonderful person and trustworthy.
Wonderful experience and everything works out definitely work going to
Very professional, understood our situation and cleared up our situation. Our minds are now at ease. Would recommend for anyone questioning anything. Thanks
Andrew was very professional and explained the exam very well. I was there to prove my innocence and Andrew was able to help me. He’s very personable and doesn’t make it feel like he’s just there to do his job.
Thank you for making my experience comfortable. He is very professional and a good person. Hopefully will never do this again but I highly recommend!!
After thorough research, I decided to travel 4 hours from Atlanta to North Carolina to conduct a polygraph examination with Andrew for the simple reason of accuracy and professionalism. In Georgia there is no licensing board for professionals that conduct polygraph examinations. Andrew is licensed in North and South Carolina, which both of the states do have licensing boards. This way there is no question to the validity or accuracy of my tests. I do want to mention that Andrew does not allow video or any type of recording of the test being conducted. As a YouTuber and social media content creator, this was a disheartening, and even though I paid so much money for this test, I wasn’t able to do anything with it. In the social media world if there’s no video then it doesn’t exist. Its as if it never happened. That’s why on shows like Maury, they will at least show a short two second clip of the test being conducted. Obviously, not the entire test being recorded because understandably, that could interfere however, even just a short clip is helpful in my world. As long as you don’t need video of your testing conducted then I highly recommend Andrew with The Polygraph Examiner for your needs.
If you been accused of the worst thing in the world a polygraph can help prove the truth. Can't wait for the D.A. to receive the polygraph test .Andrew Goldstein helped me why not let him help you.
I’m a business owner, and if you are telling the truth it’s easy
Overall, working with Andrew is very easy and straightforward. If you are telling the truth, it’s a simple hour or so of uncomfortable sitting and it will prove your innocence if you need it to prove. Recommend his services to anyone that needs it.
I’m a police officer and the test was easy. Just tell your truth and be calm. He’s very nice and easy to go along with!
Highly recommend. I felt relaxed and comfortable through the whole thing. Andrew was very professional.
Takes a bit but super professional. Don’t use anyone else if you have a choice. He gets it right.
Very thorough and very helpful. If you need the truth this is the guy for you!
Very professional experience. If you’re telling the truth, then this is the place to come to. If lying, then you best stay away!!
My family was torn to pieces.. now after this and we learned the truth, and now we can be a family again. Their service really works and highly recommend it if you are in doubt. Very satisfied. Thank you so much for putting my family back together again words cannot express how much that meant to us. Thank you so much.
Phenomenal experience - Mr. Goldstein is the best in the business. I’ve always been curious about polygraphs, I certainly never saw myself in a situation where I’d be taking one, and outside of Google I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect. With an extensive background working with society's most challenging cases, he’s honed a remarkable skill set. Mr. Goldstein is truly a master of his craft, turning a difficult and stressful procedure into a smooth, streamlined experience where truth and clarity prevail. A true asset to the field, demonstrating both skill and grace in equal measure, it was an absolute pleasure working with him.
My experience during this session was professional, efficient, and friendly. If you are telling the truth seek his service out, if you are lying… stay away!
Andrew was very professional and a kind person to work with during this process.
Andrew was incredibly kind and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to prove the truth. He made the exam very comfortable and I was able to fully be myself. He truly cares for every single person that comes to him and it was a great experience! Strongly recommend!
He is wonderful. I am full of anxiety and ADD and he was still able to accurately test me. Very professional and his credentials are proof of his accuracy. If you need to prove your innocents he is the man to call. If you are lying save your money.
I really appreciated having Andrew perform this test for me. His experience and knowledge of this type of examination is unprecedented. If your ever been accused of something that you know is untrue and you need vindication. Please contact Andrew...The Polygraph Examiner.
If you need the truth about a situation or find out if your spouse is cheating and you want it to be accurate this is the man you need to go see he makes sure that he explains everything very carefully he makes it simple so anyone can understand he makes you feel comfortable and at ease he answers all of your questions before the test ever starts I recommend Mr Andrew I give him a 10 out of a 10.
These guys do a amazing job I had found out my wife cheated and brought a baby into our marriage that wasn't mine and I needed answers about what really happen and if she was telling me the truth or lying to me about what happen these guys are really worth the money and I'm glad we went to them the overall experience was 10/10 and he was very willing to explain everything step by step it's worth the money and if you wanna know the truth and your looking to find the truth regardless of what its about going to them will give you some reassurance
Everything was perfect, great experience, relaxed and professional. If you looking for the answers you need, this is the guy!I know myself and I got the results!Amen!
Very professional. All you have to do is tell the truth.
Even if you have anxiety if you’re telling the truth you can prove it! 👍
Ladies don't be afraid to go see Andrew if you need to clear your name. As long as you are telling the truth. If you are lying don't go see him as you will be found out. He gets a 10 from me
Andrew and Gary made for an amazing experience!! They proved my innocence and have outstanding credentials. If you are in a position where you need to be freed of allegations, this is hands down the place to go!
I was very satisfied with the job that Andrew did for me I was able to prove my innocence. I would recommend him to anyone in any situation to where they want to exonerate themselves. Andrew was very thorough and explaining how it works and he made the situation as comfortable as you can expect
Don't be afraid to take polygraph from Andrew Goldatein even with an accent as long as you are not lying.
Mr Goldberg has given me peace of mind. He is very professional and highly qualified . He explains clearly what to expect before, during.,and after the exam. I have used his services twice and left confidant he got the truth. I highly recommend David Goldberg’s services. Personally I would not use any other examiner.
I met with Andrew and he administered a polygraph examination on me. He was very professional and very personal in his approach. Andrew did a good job putting me at ease and allowing me the chance to get to know him a bit which gave me confidence in his abilities. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who needs a polygraph examination.
To say my experience with Mr. Goldstein was extremely positive would be an understatement. I was wrongly accused of something I did not do and sought the assistance of Mr. Goldstein as he came highly recommended. The setting was very calm, and professional. After the test was administered, Mr. Goldstein informed me there was an almost ZERO chance that I committed the act I was being accused of and is willing to go to bat for me to prove it.I would Reccomended 100% that if you have been wrongly charged or accused of something you did not do, do yourself a favor and give Andrew at THE POLYGRAPH EXAMINER a call. I’m sure glad I did!!
Mr. Goldstein,Thank you for your professionalism and competence sir.Your pleasant demeanor and authentic representation of your esteemed profession was not only refreshing but also invigorating.I have never experienced a polygraph examination until this moment. The quality of your character and intention, displayed with such empathy and passion, secured my confidence in your abilities.Thank you for your contribution to the service of our country.V/r,Mr. Christopher D. Coulter "Colt"ATC Supervisor GS-2152-121st Bat.,11th Av. Reg. A Co.Shell Tower, Ft Novocel AL
Very professional and thorough. Understands the ramifications of test results and treats individual customers in a very personalized manner.
Andrew is very professional. For people that had a test done and it was inconclusive please seek Andrews services he will help you and communicate the correct way to take test and communicate what when wrong in your previous test, he is worth the price.
I’m glad I made my appointment with Andrew. He was very nice, he explained everything that was going to happen in a way I could understand. If you want to prove you are telling the truth book with Andrew. If you have anxiety it doesn’t matter. If you are telling the truth the test will prove it. If you are lying don’t book the appointment because he will know you are lying.
If you are telling the truth Andrew Goldstein can help you prove it.
I felt very comfortable and was talked through the whole process. He is very professional, kind, diligent, and knowledgeable and makes sure you understand this process every step of the way.
Andrew taught me how to read a polygraph!! I 100 percent recommend him… great business and very respectful would 100 percent recommend !!!!
I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit (stealing), Andrew the Polygraph Examiner clear my name and proved my innocence. Thank you very much Andrew. I truly recommend Andrew if you are being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Thank you Andrew.
From the beginning to the end Andrew was very informative and made me feel comfortable. To all men looking to tell the truth and prove their innocence don't hesitate to contact Andrew!
Compassionate and professional. Absolutely the one to go to if you need a polygraph!
Good experience definitely would recommend
Amazing man and incredible experience. If you want the truth, you'll get it. A very nice and true professional. Thank you for what you do.
Andrew was amazing through the entire process. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need! Thank you Andrew.
I suffer from bad anxiety and he made feel comfortable and as much as he could at ease which was my biggest fear I highly recommend his services for anyone who needs to clear their name or if you need the truth
as a father been accused of doing the worst thing ever. even if your nervous you can prove the truth.
When accused of the worst thing in the world and you didn't do it Andrew cleared my name.He came highly recommend by my local Sheriff in Camden County N.C.
If your willing to be honest this is easy.
The professional and calmness of Andrew Goldstein was amazing. His directions on taking the polygraph was very good. I felt like I could be myself and not stressed while sitting for exam. The feeling was great to prove to the man I have been messing with that it was only him. This test is a very great resource to use for someone that want the truth and someone being blamed for cheating. Great job I would refer him to anyone.
I was nervous going in but like Mr Goldstein says, if you’re telling the truth, and can follow directions, it’s easy. Andrew was extremely professional and personable.
Your service has given me piece of mind thank you so much for everything
As a family law attorney, I’ve used Andrew Goldstein and have been very pleased with him.
Very comfortable and I was impressed with his expertise
Came here and it was definitely worth the money easy and fast and a great experience!
great perfessional guy makes you feel at home and makes you confident and relax he is great and i would recommend him to anyone being accused of anything even if you are a nervous wreck because i was thank you Mr. Goldstein
If your lying Mr Goldstein will catch you and you will confess.
If you're not telling the truth, Andrew's not your guy! If you are, he's the one for you. Very professional service.
Did not use this service for myself, but my wife did and I just wanted to give 5 stars as he made the entire experience easy for my wife as well as taking the time to introduce himself and meet me when he had no official reason too. Very friendly and easy to talk to, highly recommended!
Truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all that you do. I can now prove my innocence. Highly recommend!
Very pleased with the tested and very please with his manners.
This guy is amazing! He actually showed me how to read the results. Great experience and learned a lot
Great experience!! So glad my truth can be validated!! Thanks so much
Andrew was a wonderful guy to work with, personable and enjoyable. He was thorough and made the process easy to understand. He took the time to ensure both of the parties understood what was going on and what it meant.
He was very professional. Made the process of being testing comfortable and easy, I highly recommend
Down to earth, Real!
He'll get the job done! Very professional and helpful in getting to the bottom of things.
If you’ve been accused the worst thing of the world and are innocent then come to this guy and prove that your not Guilty.
Very patient, understanding and kind. Truly happy with results
He will give a thorough report so that you can make an honest, informed decision. He is thoughtful and kind with presentation of the information. He lets you & the other party know ahead of time that deception will easily show through, which encourages honesty. Best confirmation received all year & am thankful for his services!
I didn’t know what to expect when I scheduled the Polygraph. However, after meeting with Andrew Goldstein- my anxieties released as I knew I was going in honest. The environment was calming and he several questions leading up to the assessment. Would highly recommend Andrew, as he’s a true professional.
Very thorough and professional.
Great examiner and very thorough with details and questioning. Highly recommend
If you’re looking for the truth this is the man to hire but if you’re lying I advise not, but all around great service
Extremely comfortable experience! Examiner makes sure you understand the process & is extremely personable.
They are a bit on the pricey side however you will get the truth. Andrew is a delightful guy.
Our son is being accused of hurting his small child. He is looking st 20+ years in prison. We took him to Mr. Goldstein to have a polygraph done. Our son is telling the truth he is innocent. We recommend Mr. Goldstein to anyone who is needing there truth to be heard. Thank you so much.
I was scared because of all the negative post for Polygraph test on the web but he Sar down with me to show me how it works and the Science behind it he is a great man easy to talk to
Andy was very professional. He took the time to explain the process. Very simple come in, follow directions and tell the truth. Thank you so much!
Highly recommend. Andy is super nice, nonjudgmental and very easy to work with.
Andrew and his brother were absolutely first class. My experience gave me peace of mind to move forward. Unfortunately, I waited 6 long months to get a polygraph. I highly recommend this company to get to the truth, but don't put it off like I did. I would use him again in a heartbeat and I would never wait. Thank you Andrew!
It was a pleasure to work with Andrew! He made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. From the first phone call to during and after the examination, he was very informative, promptly responsive and professional. I would definitely recommend his expertise to others and hire him again in the future if ever needed! Thank you so much for getting the TRUTH from the questions I needed answered😊
If you’re in need of a polygraph, it’s never because you’re in a good space. After searching for polygraph testers for months I finally found one that offered a totally different no BS approach. Not condescending (like many other polygraph testers) not invasive or invested at all in what your decisions would be after you obtain the results. His only purpose is to get to the core of the truth. Kind and very gentle while interviewing and very profesional and detailed while providing results. With him be prepared to find out the truth… it’s not always what you expect!
This is the examiner you want! Professional, Nice, Patience, Explains everything before and after the test, Works hard to get to the truth and puts you at ease about the Exam. Great job.
Very professional. If you telling the truth can help you 100%. If you’re not truthful stay away
Very professional, a good experience!
This process has provided security and clarity to our relationship. The polygraph examiner made the process easy and is very caring with clients
He was very professional and took time to explain the whole process. Also the results were explained so you could understand completely. I was very satisfied and it was money well spent for peace of mind on all parties involved. Thanks Andrew Goldstein !!
Great experience, truly helped my relationship! If you’re telling the truth he’ll prove it! If you’re lying don’t bother!
Mr. Goldstein is awesome!The process was a little tiring, but glad he was able to give my spouse the reassurance that he needs!
Mr. Goldstein is the best in the upstate! My 1st polygraph exam results were inconclusive, and I didn’t understand why. I needed the truth to be revealed. The results affected my integrity. Therefore, I set up my own polygraph with the top ranking in the upstate. Today, he told me my results were phenomenal, and I just cried tears of joy! If you're looking for the truth to be revealed! He is definitely the man to make it happen! I will definitely refer him to anyone!
She was really great with my 15 yr old daughter he made us feel comfortable I would recommend he for everyone
Omg he is so great especially with teenagers. He took time to help us with all our needs and to listen to us he made us feel so comfortable he is great if there was 10 stars instead of 5 10 🌟 is is
as a 15 year old it’s stressful but if your telling the truth it’s easy
I was very nervous but Andrew spent the time necessary for me to understand the test and what was required for me. He is very personable and good at what he does. He spent time with my husband so he completely understood the results. I highly recommend him IF you want the truth.
I have anxiety but he helped me remain calm and do what I needed to do
Andrew helped me out more than I think he thinks he has! He isn’t only a great dude he’s also a the best at what he does! So if you think you need any assistance don’t hesitate andrews your guy!
Andrew, was amazing! He was very patient, kind and most of all very thorough and informative! I highly recommend!!!!
If you're telling the truth this test will be easy.
If you’re lying I highly suggest for you not to hire him! He got to the bottom of my concerns. Now I can finally put everything behind me and move forward!
As a man being faulty accused if you’re telling the truth just speak you’re mind and God will guide you no matter what
Mr. Goldstein is the best in the upstate if your looking for the truth to come out he is your guy! Will recommend to anyone!
Andrew Goldstein is THE BEST, I was really nervous but even through all the nerves he got my truth out so that my husband and I could move forward together.
Andrew is very professional and knowledgeable. He makes you feel at ease through the whole process. If you're a liar, avoid him at all costs. If you want to prove you're telling the truth, please contact him!
Mr Andrew and Gary are truly professional people! If you need any polygraph services they will clearly get all your questions confirmed or denied! Excellent experience and highly recommended!
Thanks for providing me the opportunity to speak my truth.
I simply had a honest polygraph test and the experience of honesty is well needed
Very professional. I requested on a short time line and he was able to accommodate. Equipment was already, with a bottle of water. Even though I have anxiety and Im Claustrophobic, he made sure I was ok with everything. Constantly checked to make sure I felt comfortable. Thank you for your service.
He cares about people and wants to get to the truth. If you want to validate your situation, he is going to do that for you.
If you am tired of being accused of being untrue contact Andrew
Great guy and very professional.
Mr. Andrew Goldstein is a very professional and courteous polygraph examiner. I can see why he was highly recommended to me and I also highly recommend him to anyone that needs this type of service. He is fully trained and knowledgeable in his profession.
Lady's if you feel your man is doing wrong by you, contact Andrew. HE made things clear and understand everything to you
Mr. Goldstein was extremely polite and efficient. He was on time and professional. He was calm and easy to work with. Even if you have PTSD and anxiety you can do this test to prove your truth. But you need to be telling the whole truth!
Was a great experience, I can say that Andrew was friendly and through with every question. I would recommend him for anyone having issues they want or need resolved in any type situation. He helped greatly and will use him again if I need it.
If you want the truth I suggest Mr.Andrew very professional make you feel very comfortable. I would use him again.
Thank you so much Andrew I truly appreciate you being such a nice individual you made this process so easy!!! Thanks again
Thank goodness for this test! I was extremely nervous but I was comfortable once we began the test. I was able to write the questions I wanted tested. Thank you again for saving my relationship!
If you were accused of the worst thing you can think of.. and you didn't do it.. He's definitely the one to help clear your name ..
Andrew is a dependable examiner with incredible credentials!
I went to Andre for help and he did a excellent job. He lifted a Boulder off my shoulders.. he was very nice,helpful, and he's 100%legit.. if yall every need help please call Andre, he'll get you thru whatever you're going thru.. thanx Andre.
Andrew was very professional and courteous. He clearly explained the process and made me feel comfortable in a not the most comfortable situation. Highly recommend!
Andrew is a man of integrity who stands for TRUTH only. He’s very professional and friendly in his work and makes you feel very comfortable very quickly. He explains everything and makes sure you understand exactly what going to happen. He is a master at what he does and he will definitely help reveal the truth. I got my truth, now I know how to proceed.If truth and integrity do not define your course, don’t bother with this gentleman, he will expose the truth!
Mr. GoldsteinPerformed a wonderful Polygraph on me. Made me feel very comfortable and understanding of the process. Very professional and I would recommend him to everyone.
Very professional
Mr. Goldstein was actually very professional and courteous.. Made me feel comfortable before and after the test, I appreciate him being kind and courteous!!!
Working with Andrew was very helpful. He made the process as easy as possible. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs to get to the truth.
I wanted something very legit that no one could question if it was real. I wanted it to be certified so even if going to court it will be good. He was very helpful answering the questions about the business. He was very legit and I’m so glad we hired him. He just got a call from the state so there was others that was needed him as well. I was glad to be able to get access to same person that fed even have access to.
If you want to confirm the truth and desire a true professional experience this is the place to go. I couldn’t be more happy with the experience, professionalism, and services Andrew provided. He may be priced higher than others but the quality of the services he provided were worth every penny! I Highly recommend their business to anyone in need to validate the truth.
If your lying then don't hire him. If your telling the truth you have nothing to worry about. Would definitely recommend!
If your lying don't hire him. If your telling the truth you have no worries. Would definitely recommend!
Even if you u are bi-polar, have PTSD, or anxiety like I have, and you are being truthful, you will ABSOLUTELY pass the polygraph exam. Thank you so much for helping me be able to give peace and reassurance to not only my family but for myself as well. May God bless you for your kind nature and warm spirit. You have made the most darkest period of my life seem a little more hopeful whereas I had none. Words could never express my sincerest gratitude.
Awesome guy. Helped me out of a bad situation with his professionalism. If needed I would use him again and again. Thank you for your services!!!
I was very pleased with my experience. Andrew is extremely professional, experienced, and very responsive. When I arrived for my test he was very welcoming, and took time to explain the entire process. He has a very reassuring personality and presence, and did his best to take the edge off of a very stressful situation. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone.
The real deal
Even with anxiety, you’ll be able to take and past this test without an issue. The truth will always come out! Thanks again for everything and making this stressful process easy.
Very comfortable situation. Took the time to listen to my needs and what I was looking for. Even after the results he was very encouraging.
Mr. Goldstein was highly foolproof in his practice. He thoroughly demonstrated and explained the process regarding testing, and all the equipment being used. His interrogation manner was rigorous and hard hitting as you’d want your polygraph examination to be to achieve the most accurate results. Regardless of the outcome you’re seeking I’d recommend Mr. Goldstein for a conclusion to your situation. Thank you!
If you are lying, don’t contact him. He will know. 😅 He was very calm, easy going and very professional. I thoroughly recommend him. I’m so glad I went through the process and I’m glad I found him.
Mr Andrew helped me and my family find out the truth he is the truth if Anyone has any accusations on them and the accusations aren’t true he can truly help you. If someone has accusation I’ll get someone else and they denied it go to Mr. Andrew he will get to the bottom of it!!! Thanks again Mr. Andrew for all the help that you have provided me and my family we can live in peace now.
Are you tired of being accused of something you didn't do? Andrew Goldstein is the guy to go to. After taking his test it proved my relationship was 100% thanks so much for saving us😃😃😃
Andrew Goldstein helped me validate the truth of what actually happened when I was faced with a very serious allegation against me. He is very professional and made the entire process easy to understand. He will tell you that he is ALWAYS on time and he is - he was actually early for my appointment, waiting on me. I was treated with respect and was not rushed whatsoever. He listens and takes notes. A true professional! I would recommend Andrew Goldstein 100 out of 100 times if you ever find yourself needing the services of a polygraph examiner to get to the TRUTH.
Never had inaction with this company. But everything I read from there web site been on point down right amazing. Very helpful thank you
It was a great pleasure working with Andrew, he is very knowledgeable professional and courteous. I needed a peace of mind after being cited with speeding when in fact I was not and there were no other cars traveling along me. I am tired of law enforcement pending wrongful charges for whatever reason or gain but this was the 2nd time that this happened to me on the same route and I could not rest until I got the truth in my hands thanking God and his amazing angel. I highly recommend him!
Thank you Andrew for providing me the opportunity to set the record straight. Your services have given us much needed peace of mind.
Andrew was great. I was wrongly accused of a crime and Andrew is helping me prove my innocence. If you know the truth and have the truth, talk to Andrew. If you are lying, then it’ll be difficult for you. I hope that this will help, and the truth will come out soon.
I was accused of something I consider to be the worst crime you could be accused of. I called Andrew Goldstein and had a polygraph done to clear my name. Very professional, I would recommend him to anyone who needs to clear their name of accusations.
I enjoyed my experience. He made the whole process, a learning, enjoyable, overall experience. He was very thorough, and he maintain professionalism throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend him to others you get what your money pays for.
He’s great to work with, highly recommended!!!!
Was very pleased with how he did his job and treated us
This guy was not only professional he was kind he was nice he understood that you could be nervous even if you are telling the truth. I highly recommend him if you are telling the truth it will show and you will pass with flying colors
A Great and wonderful experience was all the help I got from Mr. Goldstein. He was such a professional yet kind person. The whole experience was excellent. A very helpful experience. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much Mr. Goldstein for everything you did.
Whatever you do…. Don’t Google about taking a polygraph test before going. If you are telling the truth the test will say just that! Thank you Andrew for helping us work on our issues as we are now able to move forward.
I was falsely accused of molesting my girlfriends 4 year old son whom I consider to be my son but biologically is not my son. I love him as if he were my own son and he actually calls me dad and to him I am his dad. Thankfully I made an appointment with Mr Goldstein because he got her the proof that she needed and that proof was that I was telling the truth. I would recommend anyone dealing with false accusations to contact Mr Goldstein.
Because trust was always an issue in our relationship, and when I couldn't see a way forward without something more than "his word", this lie detector test was a last chance for us. My instincts tell me that the results were dependable. And when combined with the professional way in which the entire process was conducted, I feel even more so. The value for the cost was fair, and I would say this service is irreplaceable for anyone who is desperate for some more reliable answers. Thank you Goldstein Brothers.
I was initially a bit apprehensive about this process. My spouse and I had some questions we wanted answered. We scheduled with Mr. Goldstein and we could not be happier. Immediately Mr. Goldstein made us both feel at ease. Very pleasant, professional, easy to talk to. He explained the whole process and answered any questions we had thoroughly while making me feel completely at ease. Upon completion of the exam he showed us exactly how to read the results and explained exactly how everything worked. My only regret is not getting this done sooner as it has helped in so many ways. I highly recommend!
Andrew was very thorough and patient. He took his time and did a professional job. I could not recommend him more highly.
Very professional, I’m very pleased with the results and feel vindicated by this test, when your word isn’t enough this is an alternative that has undeniable results TRUTH be revealed.
It was a great polygraph, even with anxiety it is an easy process that goes fast and is very accurate, im glad it went well and would recommend to anyone
Andy was great at get me to settle down . With what they are trying to charge me with .outstanding job . I would use him anytime.
If you need to clear your name for something 100% you didn't do, Mr. Goldstein is your guy.
Thank you for saving my life and my retirement by exposing that lying, deceitful, duplicitous conartist. I can definitely see myself using you again in the future, your service was second to none. Ladies and gentlemen if you are seeking the truth look no further hire Andrew, he will pick up on anything less than the truth.
If ur looking to prove your not cheating in your marriage then Andrew is the person to go to. I couldn’t ever thank him for helping save my marriage. He was very professional and polite. Trust me when I say he knows what he’s doing or I wouldn’t have drove all the way from Ky to NC and I would do it again! Thank you so very much for giving my life back!!
Andrew was awesome! Professional, makes you feel comfortable, and you don't feel like you're on trial. It was a wonderful experience that only made our relationship stronger since I had not been unfaithful. Guys, if you are going to try to beat the WILL NOT. Save yourself some money and be honest with her, or be prepared to be honest at the exam. Either way, the truth will come out.
Andrew is amazing! A terrible person said some nasty things About my wife’s reputation. Thanks to Andrew her name was cleared and we are suing that person for defamation.
Amazing service! Andrew is such a nice guy and makes you feel very comfortable. I was accused of some nasty nasty things I didn’t do neither would I ever think about doing … and he helped me clear my name .. even though I have anxiety I felt very comfortable with him and very very relaxed . Never thought I would have to take a Polygraph but hey life is unexpected . If you have to take one please come to Andrew!! He’s amazing !
Andrew was very professional and polite. Very understanding. Andrew also showed me and explained to me exactly how the polygraph worked. Very helpful. Hopefully I won’t be needing this is the future but if I do I will be using Andrew! Thank you!!
I went in here a mother feeling like I have no rights as a mother when fighting for DSS. This gentleman stayed 100% threw how professional he was. So if your telling the truth he will prove it and if you not you can't fake it. He will really help if you don't know where to turn to prove your innocent and truly are. Just thankful this is behind us now.
Very professional and explains in detail every step so you are comfortable. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family.
Andrew is LICENSED PROFESSIONAL examiner that has set the bar. A great explanation was given. Made everyone comfortable.
Andrew made a terrible situation as pleasant as possible. He was professional, compassionate and patient. He walked me through every step and eased my mind with the results. I am grateful for his services.
If you are lying stay away from this man cause the truth will come out and it's very accurate
Professional, compassionate and expertly administered test in a delicate situation. Would absolutely use again (although I hope I never need to...).
I was reluctant to get answers to the questions that needed to be answered but Andrew was so kind with my child. He made the process very smooth and easy. Not the answers I wanted but now I know how to proceed. Thank you so much Andrew.
I took my fiancee to get a review, he showed me how it all works I felt very comfortable, she went in took the exam. Needless to say I am surprisingly very excited with the results. Do it.
If you are lying DO NOT hire Mr. Andrew. Very professional. He doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting in an interrogation room.
If you know you’re telling the truth, hire this man. If you’re not, don’t hire him
I would recommend Andrew's services to anyone looking to find the truth or for a piece of mind, 20 years married and going to stay that way! Thanks Andrew you helped me put any doubts I had away and put to rest any concerns I had 20 years ago.
Best in the area used by police department so trusted.
Andrew's services have brought a new level of accountability that is unmatched. When rebuilding trust is needed, there is no amount of checking phones, or watching every move, that will bring a peace of mind like a thorough polygraph. Anyone can erase anything, so constantly checking those things is pointless. People can hide anything they want to hide, except from Andrew.This is used as a tool to rebuild trust, and it is most definitely working. Thanks for being so professional and helpful in our journey.
Andrew Goldstein is very professional and courteous. He gave me the answers that I was looking for and he explained the results to me so that I could understand them.If you want 100% accurate results, book an appointment with him. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the truth!
I had some worries when it came to a family issue I was able to get some important ?’s answered make sure you know the ?’s you want asked make sure it’s not a much of different kinds type to stick to one topic best of luck to the future clients as well as the examiner
I would recommend this service if you have suspicion of your partner/spouse being unfaithful. Mr. Andrew is professional and maintains a safe environment for his clients. Mr. Andrew's job is to find the truth. If you're looking for the truth, call Andrew Goldstein.
Thank you AndrewYou are the best it was a long week but now I can move on with my life.
He was very helpful and understanding.He helped keep me and my fiance together. Thank you so much
Mr. Goldstein was amazing. He recognized my anxiety made me feel at ease. If you suffer from anxiety and are telling the truth but feel your anxiety will alter the result come see Mr. Goldstein.
Andrew is absolutely a great human being, he listens, he cares. Huge help to bringing my son home. Polygraph skills are top notch, felt comfortable and was really smooth. Would recommend to anyone!
Mr. Goldstein was very pleasant, eased my anxieties of the unknown! Very personable yet professional and when you are done any non-believers should believe!!! Thank you so much for your time and kindness!
I wish I knew about him sooner! He did a great job with clear details about the process as well with the results. For me having anxiety he always made sure I understood along with making sure all my questions were answered which truly helped! After the process he gave wonderful advice to me and the other person I was with. Mr. Goldstein did nothing but a fantastic job!
There’s a lot of things I can say about Mr. Goldstein. But I’m going to sum it up, that is that he is a very great, honest, and professional person. As a guy saying this if your telling the truth then Mr. Goldstein is the person you want to be in contact with! I have a lot of anxiety and he made me feel relaxed and calm the whole time. We got through it and he helped uncover the truth in my situation. Let him help you!
Andrew was very pleasant and accurate with his results. Hire him if you are telling the truth!
Mr. Goldstein, (Andrew) saved my marriage & family. I was accused of an unthinking offense by a family member. But I knew it was not true, but wife of 16 going on 17 yrs was in a rock and a hard place. She knew me but what was said was mind blowing and so much detail. So for me I wanted my wife mind to be at ease on my actuation. So I went to web and search for the Elite Polygraph Service (that’s the Marine in me) and it didn’t matter how much it cost because my wife mind, body, soul is worth more then this test. Andrew greeted us with a soulful mind and heart. 1st he took my wife in to talk to her for bout 30-45 minutes then it was my turn. He walk me through the process and he was very kind and thoughtful off it. At the end and me still have to stay still (1.5 hrs later) he came around to the front of me and said with a very sincere voice, “You really didn’t do it”, my reply, “No I didn’t”. Just the look in his face was surprising, we brought my wife back in and Andrew was like a lot of the time the test do not come back or results this way on this issue (because the accused be lying). My wife started cry of happiness but also sadnesses (due to the accuser). Mr. Goldstein gave both of us some tough love but also some unforgivable advice and we love him for that. After we said our goodbyes that was the new beginning of our life, marriage, Love & Loyalty with one another. So if you need to find the truth or you know your the truthful one, like I was, then go with Mr. Andrew Goldstein. But if you trying to fool your love one, family, friends, or acquaintances then choose the less unqualified, uncertified, unprofessional, and pay polygraphs.
If your a mother and you think there is something going on or your child tells you, don't hesitate call Andrew Goldstein he will get you the truth right away. One mother to another he will get you the answers.
If you’ve been accused of the worst, and didn’t do it, give Andrew Goldstein a call. Awesome to work with and very easy going!
He was such a professional yet kind person. The whole experience was very freeing and he made a (what I thought would be) difficult time into something not so difficult at all.
If you're lying don't use Andrew Goldstein because he WILL find out.You Will confess.
I do recommend this company. I feel so much relief that my truth has finally come out by one of the best. If you're lying don't even waste your time because he will be able to reveal even the best liar. I had to drive two hours and to another state but he's licensed which made me feel really comfortable with seeking the truth. Very professional and by the book.
Help me out I wasn't having no infidelity in my marriage ,you're innocent go to them.
Mr Goldstein was very Professional, and kind every step of the way he helped me prove something that would change peoples life I thank him so much he just doesn’t understand
I enjoyed the interviewed. I definitely felt, like it’s and end to all none less problems I’ve been experiencing. I will definitely TELL anyone, to go get results this is the way! 😉 about the prices, it’s a sweet deal! And truly, please go help yourself against ANY allegations there is.
Highly qualified and respected examiner and a genuinely nice person. I would recommend his services.
He saved my marriage! I originally went to an examiner in Georgia a week ago and I failed because he wasn’t a professional! I did not know that there is no licensed examiner in Georgia! The examiner in Georgia almost destroyed my life if it wasn’t for THE TRUE LICENSED Andrew Goldstein! Andrew Goldstein you were sent from heaven to me at my darkest time!THANK YOU FOR DOING YOUR JOB!!!!! If you are NOT telling the truth stick with the unprofessional examiners in Georgia! Now my husband and I can live happily ever after!
This was a little stressful for me I have never taken a polygraph test was nervous he was very professional and polite I took a test to prove a accusation I made nobody believed if you have nothing to hide he is the man! But if you're lying he will get you he's great and very friendly. Plus he's a Camaro man need I say more thanks Andrew 😊
Ladies don’t stew in it for years like I did!! If you need a to know the truth this man can most definitely give you that!! He was very professional and extremely kind and understanding. He took the time to even sit down with my daughter and I and explain how it all worked. After stewing for all these years he saw I needed him to go a step further to assure me I was leaving with the truth. I’m so thankful.
Mr.Goldstein was exceptional and completely forward as to why we was there. As the test began he was very prompt with the questions. He was polite and calm the complete time we was there. If I had to do it again I would definitely use him next time. I would recommend him 100% as the go to polygraph test.
Andrew was very down to earth and easy going. It was very comfortable talking with him and i feel we got the best and honest results from this exam. Would recommend for anyone wanting the Gods honest truth.
At first I was skeptical, but after seeing Mr. Goldstein’s equipment and taking the exam - he is the real deal. If you are having any relationship issues regarding infidelity I recommend taking this test. But if you are lying, and have things to hide, do not take this test. You cannot beat it or think you can hide your emotions to be able to best this test. It is impossible. He will get the truth out of you. Mr. Goldstein is very professional and only wants to help.
Professional, Competent and Great Customer Service. Thank you
I couldn’t imagine that there’s anyone who is more professional and knowledgeable providing this type of service. Highly recommend!
Andrew Goldstein services are a true value to have piece of mine when you are in doubt of business issues or personal issues !! Nothing better then knowing the truth !! Thank you
Mr. Goldstein was very generous and helpful he made me feel very positive and i would truly recommend him if u are in a situation and u need true facts Mr. Goldstein is the go 2 guy
Great made me feel good about the hole thing explained everything Great
This is the way to go!! Awesome guy was well worth it
From the minute I met Mr. Goldstein, he started asking questions to get to know me. He knew just what to ask and when. He is very experienced in finding what he feels is important and at the same time making people feel comfortable. Comfort is very important in taking these tests. He's not the cheapest, but if your in a situation that requires this service, I highly recommend using his experience and knowledge to get the best results.
If you’re telling the truth I recommend hiring this man. If you’re lying don’t. I got to give my wife peace of mind so that we can move forward with our lives. Thank you for your help
I had the unpleasant experience of being accused of a action that did not happen, of course you are now in Sights of every one that is involved.My life was in turmoil! I was accused of having inappropriate contact with my step granddaughter, which was totally not true.But yet it was said, so I had to try and clear my name. My wife decided that in our best interest it would be to take a lie detector test. So my wife contacted Mr Andrew Goldstein to perform the test. I was a nervous wreck, not so much from the allegations made against me, but just the thought of taking the test. I know I’m innocent of the accusation, but just having to prove my innocence. I was worried that me being so nervous would affect the outcome. So we go to meet Mr Goldstein to take the test. I explained to him my thoughts and worries about taking the test.Mr Goldstein was so courteous and knowledgeable. He listened to my every concern, and then he went over how the whole process would take place. He is very committed to his job, and he takes this so serious. He was so professional and so respectful that I was able to feel a lot better about the situation. I did take the polygraph test, and I was found to be “non deceptive”!I can’t tell you how relieved I was!! I give Mr Goldstein an A-Plus… he was so genuine and truly caring! I don’t think I could have even gotten through this without his Positive attitude!Thank you Mr Goldstein, for your positive outlook and for being the Professional you are! It was actually a pleasant experience because of your actions!! If by chance anyone has any false accusations they are facing, I’d recommend YOU contact Andrew Goldstein!! It was the best action I’ve taken in a long time!Thank you again Andrew, for your loyal commitment to your work.God bless you!!Sincerely;Donnie
Andrew did an excellent job. I was incredibly nervous, but he was very helpful in explaining the process in a calming manner. I expected a drill Sargent and the experience was quite the opposite.
Andrew is by far one of the best professional Examiners around. He is licensed in the state of North Carolina & South Carolina. There is no license needed in the state of Georgia for Examiners. I drove to South Carolina to meet with Andrew to have my test done for a more accurate test result. If you are looking for a Professional licensed Examiner Andrew is definitely the right Examiner for the job.
Absolutely recommendable. Andrew is the greatest and has help me with so much
He helped me clear my husbands name and now our family can live in peace and not have accusations against us anymore. Thank you!
If your a man and your telling the truth go talk to this guy he's a life saver...
Great guy truly honest recommend to anyone
Mr.Goldstein was a very thorough Examiner. The whole process was fully explained. And if you didn't understand he would explain it to you again as much as needed. With any problems. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services.
Andrew was able to help me and my spouse put our differences to the side and build a stronger relationship. The test was very accurate however I believe it should be a different form of question depending on the situation. Overall my experience was great ‼️‼️
If you are telling the truth, and want/need to show it, hire Mr. Goldstein!
I needed a test and called around in the middle of the night. Andrew called me promptly 8am later that morning and scheduled me for a test for 24 hours later. I came in 8am that next morning at a private, safe but public location. Andrew was thorough and went over the entire process before it started. Then the test started. I was so nervous but Andrew was understanding and walked me through everything. 100% recommended for anyone needing to know the exact truth.
Made the whole experience easy and he was very knowledgeable
Hes great hes helped us out very much i reccomend him to anyone
This man is the best, I told the truth and he confirmed it for me , definitely go with him , worth every penny
Just a very interesting place, PLEASE see for yourself!
He made me feel very comfortable and at ease prior to test and also give me some very helpful advice I really appreciate it thank you so much!!
Andrew is simply the best! He explained everything in great detail. He provided a very custom experience. You can tell he really cares about your situation and wants to help provide clarity. I highly recommend him.
Andrew was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him.
I was really anxious about the whole thing because I was accused of stealing 60k. He went over the whole process with me and calmed me down (I have anxiety btw). He gave me the exam and I completely knew what to expect and my nerves didn’t get bad on me. Now that I’ve cleared my name , I’ll never be falsely accused again and I get a treat for passing it lol! Thanks a lot Andrew Goldstein
Mr Andrew Goldstein was amazing and provided great services for my daughter who was falsely accused. I highly recommend him to anyone needing services
Very professional. Made sure I felt comfortable and at ease prior to the test. Results 100% accurate.
Very nice person work with other explains every detail of his work. Reasonable price and money spent is well worth it. I will give him a 100 on his work. A+
The polygraphs was extremely professional. Unfortunately I was the one taking the test and he made sure I clearly understood every step. !!
If you’ve been accused of anything and you know you’re innocent, hire this guy!
Great Experience. If you have told the truth don’t hesitate to contact Andrew. Trust me this will save your marriage, it will be worth the money.
If you have been accused of the worst thing in the world , then you need to hire this gentleman!!! He is the most professional, nice and humble man. His expertise is the best in the industry. Don’t be afraid give him a call for all your needs he has the solution.
After weeks of being accused of being in an affair my wife and I opted to seek a professional polygraph examiner to set the record straight. I finished my examination about 2 hours ago and it was revealed to my wife that I was not in an affair, nor had I ever cheated on her for our entire marriage. Not only was I acquitted by my wife but she was finally free from the torment and anger that had consumed her for weeks. If you have nothing to hide and you want to bring peace back to your relationship, I urge you to seek professional help from Andrew Goldstein and settle the issue and take your life back. End the arguments, bring peace. If you are guilty, don't think you can trick the examiner, he'll take you down.
It took me a while to finally go through with getting a test. I have major anxiety and I was afraid that it would effect my results. Years later, I just wanted closure. It was a great experience. Andrew was amazing. Walked me through the entire process and assured me that if I could follow directions that it would be fine. Overall I give it 10/10. Would recommend to anyone needing to get the truth.
One of the nicest and most personable man I have meet, especially given his job responsibilities. There is no judgment from him at all, he is very professional and his goal is to help. I can't begin to tell you how grateful my family and I are for his services and his kindness, given the situation. The results were fast and accurate. An amazing man, doing an amazing job to help people in terrible situations.
Was a very good experience and well worth the money and time , to provide the Truth for those who needed proof. I would highly recommend Mr. Andrew Goldstein.
Nobody wants to take a polygraph test but if you ever need to, Andrew is the man. He's both kind and professional. A great first and hopefully last experience.
If your telling the truth and want to prove it. This is the gentleman you want see!
Andrew is so good at what he does. He was so kind and professional and did not make me feel uptight or anxious in any way. He talked with me before the exam and showed a true interest in getting to know me and my situation. Andrew shows passion for the work that he does and l loved that he has a sense of humor. He about made me cry laughing before my exam. After we were finished and I was ready to leave, the last thing he did for me was treat me like I was a friend and not just another customer. Andrew has earned every bit of these 5 stars from me. If I could rate him with more, I certainly would. Thank you so much Andrew for what you have done for me and my family. I am so grateful for you!
Thanks for bringing the peace needed back into our lives.. Most times, things aren't what they seem to be. Our family and others are really fortunate to have someone as dedicated as yourself to clear the air.. Thanks for everything, Highly recommendedP.S. You work as if you're 7' tall... 😄
I had to give him 5 stars. I was so nervous & shame having to come in here to get my husband tested. Andrew made me feel comfortable and reassured me we were going to get the truth today. And I had nothing to be ashamed about. He definitely did get my husband to come clean about his infidelity. Andrew also assured me that he is also here in the future to retain that trust between me and my husband. Even after the test was done. He provided consulting recommendations. I truly appreciated the services he provided. He was not there to judge or point fingers. Thank you again Andrew. I’ll definitely be recommending his services to anyone in need.
Gary was very nice & pleasant. Made feel comfortable. Very helpful. Thankful to have found him. Very professional. Will refer. Highly recommend.
I found The Polygraph Examiner to be polite, courteous, and professional.
I am so happy I did this. I have been accused of the most horrific thing imaginable. If you need help, please call The Polygraph Examiner. It was one of the best things I have ever done. I will always be grateful to him.
If u tell da truth this is a prefect examiner to chose andhis name Andrew Goldstein. If u r lying da truth wil be shown on black and white and that is on paper....
The most family shattering experience my family could endure got even worse when false allegations were presented against me. I felt helpless because it was one person's word against another's. However, when I shared my story with Andrew he was compassionate, understanding, and extremely accommodating. Setting an appointment was stress free and his professionalism, politeness, and punctuality are reflections of his character. I cannot put into words how much this meant to me and Andrew will forever be woven into my life's story. As a former active-duty United States Marine, the integrity that I pride myself on was validated by my results during our appointment. I have never and would never abuse any woman, especially one I am married to. Andrew, you'll be part of my life and boys' lives forever. Thank you for giving the accused a voice.
Had a wonderful experience. Andrew cleared up some infidelity questions my spouse had in our relationship. A huge weight has been lifted off of both of our shoulders. He made me feel very comfortable and kept me come. I was extremely nervous. But he explained everything to me. Thanks again!
I will definitely recommend Andrew! He was wonderful and explained the entire process very well. It’s definitely worth the money and now I have a peace of mind!
If you are being accused of something and you are innocent don’t hesitate to hire Andrew. He is very professional and respectful.
Our experience was great and the interviewer was extremely professional and informative today here in Asheville. My fiancé passed with flying colors so marriage is still on.Thank youMr. A Goldstein
Outstanding professional non biased and very honest
This was a really great experience. I finally got the truth to a long 6 year relationship. I have horrible anxiety and I was still able to do this and get the truth. I highly recommend!!!!!
If you are having problems with your spouse or significant other and want closer give Andrew Goldstein a call if will give peace of mind .He is truly a professional .
Here’s the deal, if you’re telling the truth and you are adamant about your answer and the fact that is the truth I promise you this service will help you .
Very mild mannered individual kind and walked meThrough the whole process and didn’t have a problem explaining the Procedure more than once....
Husband has admit to everything real easygoing
As a male and you haven't been cheating but the lady still accusing please check this guy out. Very personable, reasonably priced but if you lying...she gone find out
If you have been accused of the worst crime and you are telling the truth, call Andrew to help clear your name.
If you are innocent and are telling the truth Andrew is the best. If you are wrongly accused give him a call
Andrew is the best!! We made EVERYTHING feel so calming! If you’re being totally honest and tired of getting accused for something you’ve never done, best bet is to go to Andrew Goldstein! He is 100 percent legit!
I would love to let everyone know how amazing this man is! I was in a bad position and he came in with NO assumptions and helped us. I couldn't have gotten through this without his help! He was a life saver! If you need help, contact The Polygraph Examiner!
Just want to say mr Goldstein is a fair amazing person if you have been accused of anything contact him! I was wrongfully accused of something terrible was very agitated felt like people were judging me and didn't really want to do this but had to make right.coming to him he made me feel comfortable to talk and get this figured out. Thank you
Just wanna prove my innocence it was a awesome experience
Mr.Goldstein was very helpful through the whole process. I was very nervous being my first time taking a polygraph test, and he talked me through everything to calm my nerves. It was not as scary as everyone thinks, I recommend him to anyone!
Answered the questions I needed. Convent to find location and info needed through marketing resources.
My first time experience went well.He explain the test, made me feel at ease, and answered all my questions.I would recommend anyone to get the test no scam...
Andrew was the best possible person I could ask for in doing my polygraph. He was respectful, professional and very gracious. Also he had some great advice moving forward.
Mr.Andrew was very helpful an professional an did everything to accommodate me an get to the very bottom as far as the truth. I recommend his service to anyone who is welling to tell the truth. HE NEEDS MORE THAN A 5 STAR HE ROCKS.. Thank u so much
It was very nerve racking but overall I feel it will save my marriage and there are no more doubt. Glad we did this.
Thank you for helping and keeping me calm during this process. I had anxiety about taking the test but after talking it through and understanding the process it helped my anxiety a lot. I def recommend taking one if you’re having troubles.Thanks again
I had a great experience today. Need a polygraph done this is your guy to come see. You won’t be disappointed. I thank you so much for helping me out today and bringing the truth to light.
He was very professional and made the experience comfortable as possible under the circumstances.
A huge burden lifted off my shoulders, Mr Goldstein helped me and my family move forward and get past a troubling issue and now we can move forward. Thank you sir.
Andrew.. was an excellent examiner. I was nervous at first. He talk and explain the process to me. He calm me down and I was ready to take the test. It was a very calm process. It was worth it. If you need to proof yourself.. and know you are saying the truth. Do it.. call Gary he will proof your case.
He was very nice and great to talk to thank you
If you’re telling the truth call him. He was Professional and courteous and efficient. License and qualified although I never want to need his services I’m glad I contacted him
The whole process was very professional as well as caring and empathetic. He was able to get truth out that my husband that had not been relayed to me prior to the polygraph. I believe if it were not for the thoroughness of the polygrapher, I would not have received the truth and information that was not disclosed prior. There are even men in my husband's group that have used this polygrapher and tried to fool him using various techniques and failed the polograph for being deceptive. This service was worth every penny to get my husband to tell the full truth and be honest with himself and me as well.
Very open and honest! Reliable guys and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable!
My experience today was AWESOME! What a wonderful down to earth humbling guy! Never thought I would do a polygraph and make a friend! May god bless you and your family!!!!
Andrew was very professional, he helped my wife and I start a new foundation of trust by clearing up questions. We highly recommend Andrew!
Andrew Goldstein is amazing and extremely professional. I contacted him after my job determined I was lying about an incident and wanted to terminate me. Andrew conducted a proper, legitimate test which disproved my jobs allegations. I drove from out of town to see him and it was well worth it. 10/10 I would recommend his services to anyone that feels they are being accused of something they never did.
This guy is cool I really felt comfortable with him when he ask me the questions to make sure I understand what to do but he has help me with everything I think him for helping me
I really appreciate this man he did a great job showing that my son was telling the truth this whole time. You must use him.
Andrew Goldstein was very professional, I am extremely grateful for his help in getting the truth my family and I needed. If you or someone are having “Doubts”, I highly recommend his services! I am definitely a believer, and very hopeful for the future . Thank You Again!!
The testing that we had that was conducted by Andrew went really well. I believe that me my and spouse got the answers we needed and were able to move onto a better path and the fee was definitely worth it. He explained the process very well and made the test comfortable. I would recommend Andrew to anyone.
My experience was awesome. Mr. Andrew was very straightforward with the content and information. He provides you great detail about the process and make sure you completely understand before the process starts. His test are accurate and clear. I recommend anyone who wants a polygraph done to contact him. He is great.
He was very detailed and truth was brought to the light thanks again
The ONLY reason I am giving 5 stars is because it won't allow me to give more. He deserves 10 out of a possible 5, he's that good- at EVERYTHING: from maximizing his accuracy to the absolute highest possible degree, to making the examinee feel relaxed and ensuring that you understand all facets of the process and the reasons behind them. IF YOU STAND ACCUSED- of something you did not do, THIS MAN is by far your best hope. He can help the world (or just your wife/girlfriend) see the real, objective truth of your situation, and the truth shall set you free!
If you have done things wrong in your marriage but not everything wrong , please call Andrew. Hes very good and very professional at his job. Thank you Andrew
Very professional and straight forward. If you need your spouse to know the truth call Andrew. He walks you through the whole process and there are no tricks or surprises. I highly recommend him guys he knows his business.
Mr. Goldstein has made my experience wonderful. He made me feel comfortable during the exam and answered any questions I had concerns about. Before going over any details involving the exam, he ensured me that he is 100% a licensed professional. From someone who has never had to take a polygraph test, he is far from what I expected. He is someone who genuinely cares about going the full extent into proving someone’s innocence. If anyone is in need of proofing they’re innocent he is the person to go to.
I want to thank you .You got my relationship back on track. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Mr Goldstein was very pleasant and professional. He took time with all parties involved and ensured that everyone was educated and comfortable. He was early to our appointment and considerate of our having to bring our infant. We appreciate his professionalism and thorough education and follow through.
I had never took a polygraph but was always curious on the extent of it. He was awesome, very professional, explained everything to a tee. He did ask questions before hand to make you feel calm and normal because whether you lie or are telling the truth, its nervous for everyone. I believe he truly cares about people in general . He wants to get the truth for everyone involved no matter who it hurts even if it hurts him as a human. He wants to give people peace of mind regardless of circumstances. I just wants to say thank you for my TRUTH!!! YOU ROCK!!!
It was one of the best scariest experiences I've been through. Mr. Goldstein was wonderful. He is very welcoming. Thank You!
I was very thankful for taking this polygraph test it actually helped my relationship, and we're now moving forward and it looks like that we will actually will be getting married thank you Mr Goldstein you really help me and my relationship and proving that I was not lying nor cheating this whole entire time. Also taking the time out with my now fiance showing him how the polygraph actually work you are very professional kind and courteous and I recommend you to anyone.
Great people to work with, Helped me out, I am very pleased so I give 5 stares
I am a mother who has a dss case and for me to prove that I am not I did or did not say I am out here to get answers to prove that I am not lying on my part and to bring my kids home. Just stay calm and tell the trulth about what you going through and just what for the answers. Amazing experience.
My experience was great! I was a nervous wreck but he was very calm and understanding. He has been doing this for years. He talked to me...asked questions about me outside of what the polygraph was for... made me feel a little more at ease. He was patient. I appreciated his non judgement.
Mr. Goldstein was very professional and explained the process thoroughly so you would know what to expect during the exam. His report was provided in a timely fashion and was easy to understand. His willingness to travel to various locations was very accommodating. Based on my experience I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a very professionally administered polygraph examination.
Very nice and professional Makes a stressful situation a little less intense
Very professional explained the whole procedure and made us feel very cm comfortable with the whole process
Andrew was very respectful and very professional he made the process really easy going and peaceful!
He was accurate and cordial.My experience was breath taking.My husband and I have advanced in the integrity and truthfulness in our marriage every since..Thank you sir.Be blessed
I’m grateful we found this service. The experience was amazing from the beginning to the end. Me and my partner have a chance at a happy future without any negative feelings of deceit. Anyone over 30 dating has some type of baggage with them. It’s hard to enter into anything with full trust. We now have great opportunity Thank you!!!!
Great experience. He was very professional and very helpful. I highly recommend him if ever anyone is looking for a polygraph examiner.
Andrew walks you through the process so you know what to expect. He maintains a high level of professionalism. He's very nice and he's not ugly.
Amazing! The go to guy for finding out the truth. The Master Polygraph Examiner!
Ladies, if you’re telling the truth book a session with Andrew. I’m so glad he helped bring closure to a situation I’ve been tormented by. He’s also reasonably price.
My husband and I utilized the services of Andrew Goldstein with the Polygraph Examiner. His service was extremely professional. He prepared us well for the examination; what to expectl from the test, the best preparations needed to be taken to insure the best outcome. His recommendations included being well rested, eat a well balanced meal prior to the exam, read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on his website. His advice provided the insight needed to insure a comfortable experience with the least amount of anxiety possible and a 100% satisfaction result. We highly recommend Gary Goldstein and his Lolygraph Examiner service to anyone who needs a private and secure exam.
If you've ever been accused of a heinous crime this is your guy if you didn't do it
I was so nervous at first but Mr Andrew was amazing. He makes you as comfortable as possible. His test are %100 accurate. If you are telling the truth you have nothing to worry about. Because if you are lying Mr. Andrew will get to the bottom of it. He has brought me peace. Thank you so much for everything!!! If you need Answers or to clear your name in any way he is the Man for the Job.Thank you God Bless
Andrew is very professional and a great guy to be around not only is patient but also a very down to earth individual. I hated the the exam but loved the examiner.
Was super nervous to take my first polygraph test however they made it quick and easy and was very reassuring, very professional and very willing to help. Highly recommend!
100 % would recommend they were very professional and quick with their work ! Had to come here for a polygraph for someone else and was very nervous and they made us very comfortable and reassured us on a lot of things !
Great guy to work with. Very helpful with the process.
Very professional and discreet. When I called I was able to speak directly with the examiner who was very informative. They we able to get me scheduled very quickly at a discreet location. Highly recommend anyone that has been falsely accused of something to speak with them.
Very delightful experience
Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was completely professional and very informative. We knew exactly how the process was going to work and everything went completely smooth. I would suggest Andrew for anyone who has any type of need for his services.
If you need to prove the truth he is definitely the guy for the job; very professional explains everything down to a tee. He makes you feel like you've known him for years in just a matter of mins. The best experience I have had and this was my first time talking a lie detecter test. I would strongly recommend him above any others out there. Thanks awesome job Andrew.
He was very well presented and a great help and would recommend for truth seekers
Andrew made me feel very comfortable and at ease with my situation! If you are really telling the truth hire this man to help you prove it! I had reservations about doing it because I was nervous about the process but I would recommend him 100%!
My experience with Andrew was beyond professional. He made us feel so comfortable and was very personable. Would definitely recommend him.
Would like to thank Goldstein for his professionalism. Excellent polygraph test with explaining everything he expected of you to make the test as easy as possible. Helped my wife and I move past any doubts in our relationship so we can have a healthy future. If you need help don't hesitate to give Goldstein a call.
When I spoke to Andrew, I knew he would find the truth, either way. Thank you for your professionalism, honesty, and rapid results. Thank you for a piece of mind.
If you are innocent, this is a very easy way to prove yourself right! I was very nervous about going and having the test administered but they made me as comfortable as can be and this definitely saved my marriage!! Well worth it!! I am so thankful!!💕
I was very nervous, but Mr. Goldstein was very professional, kind and punctual. If you are a woman being falsely accused, this is the route to go! Not only will you be exonerated, you will feel tremendous relief having proof that what you’re saying is true.
Taking a polygraph exam was frightening. However Andrew Goldstein helped me to get through the process. He was professional, thorough and kind. In his field of expertise I highly recommend him.
Mr. Andrew Goldstein I would like to humbly thank you again so much for your service and your professionalism I am very greatful. Your gift and your ability to help people has been a very helpful experience and truly appreciate you !
I had never taken a polygraph a day before in my life. Everyone was very respectful and considerate of the situation I was in. They worked with me on the payment and were very understanding of my financial position in this current time. I had been accused of in my opinion the absolute worst accusation a father could ever be accused of and these guys helped me clear my name. They walked me through the process on how everything worked and what to expect. I was worried at first but seeing my result knowing that I was telling the truth. With my results coming back as such, I would recommend these guys to anyone telling the truth and wanting to clear their name of any accusations.
I wanted to prove some issues that came up in a relationship and i looked all over for a dependable examiner with high credentials. Andrew was the only one i found and i drove from pensacola fl to charlotte just to use his services. His testing was 100% accurate and i would refer him to anyone. I didnt want to settle for 70% accuracy or less. I wanted the real thing.
Mr. Andrew did a great job making sure I got the questions answered that I was there for. He makes sure he clear of what is being proven. If you need to take a Polygraph Test for any reason what so ever please do not hesitate to contact him. I was nervous when I got to the site but soon after I was comfortable. Mr. Andrew is the real deal. I appreciated him showing me his license without me having to ask and telling me about his professional experience. I am so glad I was able to get my test done!!! Thank you Mr. Andrew. Contact him now don't hesitate 😊
Andrew is awesome he helped me get down to a family issue while being compassionate and understanding. I definitely would like more than five star s It's because of him this family member has her voice and the truth has came up thank you.
Andrew helped me a great deal. He saved my marriage. He is professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend his services.
Andrew helped us a great deal. He is a man of the highest integrity and I trust him implicitly!
Soo easy to do just not fun but this guy well most definitely help you out. If you telling the truth.
The guys solid AF, if your telling the truth....
Dr. Andrew was very professional and made the process very convenient. He was very understanding and made us very comfortable. We were unsure how polygraph worked, but needed it to help us and it did just that. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
I have a ex that made some very foul accusations about me. What ppl thought of me after was very disheartening, I take pride in my reputation.Andy hooked me up, literally and figuratively. With Andy’s help I was able to clear my name which was a huge burden lifted off my chest. He was very thorough and clear with what he had to do to get a clear reading. He explained the process before hand and let me know end to end how it would work. He also has one of the best turnaround times in Charlotte. Definitely give him a call if you need a lie detector test personally or professionally.
I would highly recommend Andrew Goldstein to anyone he was highly professional,very pleasant and very easy to talk to he was very straight forward and to the point I was extremely impressed with the way he handled my extremely disfunctional situation!!
This whole process was overwhelming to say the least. Im very private but realized that this exam was necessary to bring about truth to a challenging situation that I was facing. My first conversation with Andrew put me at ease. He was compassionate as well as professional. He assured me that as long as I told the truth all would be well.. When I arrived for my exam, he explained the process and made it easily understandable. I was very satisfied with my results as I knew my truth. Im so grateful for The Polygraph Examiner. If you're in a situation where you are being accused of something and you want your truth validated, The Polygraph Examiner is the way to go.
This man did a phenomenal job, I can’t thank him enough for helping us!
Andy was great throughout the whole process. As grueling as the experience was Andy made it painless as possible. He is definitely someone of integrity and willing to help an innocent participant receive justice.
I van Hughes had never take a polygraph before and he make me feel real comfortable and relax throughout this process
When you're accused of being a liar, or a cheater, or a thief by someone significant in your life it really hurts, especially when none of it is true. To confront these lies I came across Andrew's company on the internet. I hadn't had a lie detector test since the early 1970's when applying for a job in college and was a little hesitant to take the test. I found Andrew to be very professional in his work and found the results he came up with to be very accurate. I am glad I took the test, and can show the results to that special person in my life and show them how they totally misjudged me.
I contacted Mr. Goldstein in July for a loved one and we were very satisfied with his work. I highly recommend Mr. Goldstein to anyone that's needing help. Thank you Mr. Goldstein!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
If you have been falsely accused of a crime. Andrew Goldstein is your guy!!
Please, before you take a police polygraph, please call Andrew Goldstein. He will have an unbiased view of your situation and will give you the fair shake that you deserve. Andrew will work hard to understand the details and conduct a thorough test. I was extremely impressed with the results as well as discussion afterwards.
They're great from all angles. The only thing that would make it better is if they were mobile.
I have been totally honest with my spouse about infidelity. I was being accused of cheating. My wife highered Mr. Andrew Goldstein licensed polygraph Examiner to conduct a test. I took the test today, and of course I passed. I am in the military, I would recommend too anyone to use his services its confidential, professional, licensed and he is ethically sound. So if you are innocent I am telling you do the test. If you are guilty Don't.Hashim Miller.Thank you Andrew
Appointment really soon I'm hoping
Excellent,pure kind hearted fellow.Whoever needs this type work doneIn their life I can promise you he’s theGuy.Thanks mr Goldstein
Prior to the Polygraph, Mr. Goldstein explained how it actually works which made me feel comfortable with the process. It was a emotional process that saved our marriage. Without understanding the Polygraph process it would not have met that much to me. I hope I never need him again, but would definitely hire him again if needed.MK
I enlisted Andrew to assist me with a personal-professional matter. He is very courteous, takes time to explain the process and overall gives superior service. Highly recommended!
Andrew was very professional and seemed vested as well as concerned about me & my situation. This service is pricey, but I would use him again. Though I pray I will never feel the need to.
I had a tough issue in my personal life that Andrew Goldstein was able to help me resolve. He was very polite, professional, and made me feel at ease even when I was super nervous. Overall definitely recommend his service.
I had never had a polygraph before, however, the process was not only professional and engaging, it was quite the learning experience. The examiner gave detailed instructions, gave a clear and cogent definition of what the experience would be like before the exercise was performed and was very accommodating and patient throughout. Everything I had heard about this type testing led me to believe that the testing would be rigid and ambiguous, however it was nothing like that. Instead all my apprehension was quickly reconciled and the testing was expertly done.
Very clean up scale rooms, very friendly staff.
The examiner made me feel comfortable with the process. The exam was very organized, educational, and professional.
I have been to another examiner in the past, this one knows what he is doing. Highly Recommend.
This polygraph examiner with his outstanding expertise, professionalism and compassion helped me find out the truth about a horrible situation. Thanks so much. Highly recommend.

Polygraph Lie Detector Questions That We Get All the Time in Greenville, SC

We’ve assembled a list of Lie Detector Polygraph Test questions we get most frequently in Greenville, SC below.  If you need more information or for a FREE, no-obligation, polygraph lie detector quote in Greenville, SC – call us at (864) 569-0672.

Relationship Struggles & Polygraph Examinations & Lie Detector Tests
If you believe a Polygraph Examination or Lie Detection test is necessary for your relationship, then either one, or both of you, has lost the core level of trust required to be at peace. An expertly conducted Polygraph Examination (or Lie Detection test) will give you a ground level truth even if that is: one party is refusing to be honest. So whether the Polygraph Examination & Lie Detection test is passed or failed, you have at least one fact on which you can begin making more informed decisions for the future. Learn more about utilizing Polygraph Test & Lie Detection Examinations for Relationship Struggles.
Is there a Polygraph Test or Lie Detector Test near me?
Is there a Polygraph Test or Lie Detector Test near me? You might ask "Is there a polygraph test near me?" Yes. Just as there is one in this city, The Polygraph Examiner has locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
How to Pass a Polygraph Test?
What people usually mean when they ask "How to pass a lie detector test?" is "How to BEAT a polygraph test?" Can someone "trick" the polygraph charts so that they appear to be truthful when they are not. The answer is… they can certainly try. But it is extremely unlikely. Unless an individual has long term practice and access to a polygraph & lie detection instrument with someone to run bio-feedback measurements, they are not going to successfully ‘beat’ the test. If I were given a Polygraph Examination, Lie Detection Test, or Lie Detector Test and tried to ‘beat’ the test, I also would be unsuccessful even though I know exactly how the test and the techniques work.
How accurate are Polygraph Tests?
"How accurate are lie detector tests?" is a good question. The American Polygraph Association states that a properly conducted, specific issue examination, performed by a true professional, will yield an accuracy rate between 92% and 98%.
How much is a Lie Detector Test?
"What does a lie detector test cost?" A real and professional polygraph examination prices across the country range from $900 to $1,500+, with the average fee of about $1,250 per specific issue exam. Please call for an accurate quote for your issue.
What if my Partner Spouse Thinks They Can Beat a Polygraph or Lie Detection Test?
They can physically beat lie detection test but not mine. I travel with an actual polygraph chair with multiple motion sensors and am trained to look for physical and visual cues to ensure that my clients can’t physically beat a test.
Click to Call 800-497-9305