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Does your spouse or partner think that you have cheated, but you haven’t?

Local Certified, Confidential, Accurate and Licensed Lie Detection Tests in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Does your spouse or partner think that you have cheated, but you haven’t?

Does your spouse or partner think that you have cheated, but you haven’t?If you have been accused of cheating and you have not done so, you most likely are living a nightmare.

It is physically, emotionally and sexually painful to be accused of something you haven’t done. If your spouse thinks that you have cheated, they do not want any sexual contact with you, let alone be with you. Communication stops, they tell others including friends or family and it becomes embarrassing for you to be around anyone you know. You are thought to be a cheater. Most of the time the accusation comes and goes like a rollercoaster and you don’t know if it is going to be a good day or an accusation day full of punishment. Good relationships may end, sometimes in a costly divorce. These relationships are often salvageable when the truth can be known. Only once the truth is discovered, will the accusations stop. If you are telling the truth or want to tell the truth call my office anytime.


The best accuracy of many of our lie detection polygraph competitors is about 50 / 50 (no better than a coin toss); and NOT good enough when you are counting on reliable information that will dramatically change the course of your life. The purpose for one taking a lie detector polygraph examination, is to get to the truth.

My accuracy rates are 95 to 98 percent.  Results you can trust!

How Much of the Truth Do You Want?
We Are Up to 98% Accurate vs. Competitors at No Better then 50%

  • Accuracy Them 50% 50%
  • Accuracy Us 98% 98%

How do I know I will receive an accurate polygraph examination?
The lie detection polygraph testing format I utilize for the public is the same format I would use for a murder case. The lie detection test is only as accurate as the polygraph examiner and the technique he or she uses. I do not take shortcuts that examiners do to in order to save time; when they save time they reduce accuracy. I use the newest techniques, not the old outdated techniques some examiners like to use. There are thousands of websites that tell people how to beat a polygraph or lie detection examination. I am the only polygraph examiner that travels with an actual polygraph chair with multiple motion sensors to ensure no one can physically beat, or alter my polygraph or lie detection examination. When I am finished completing the polygraph or lie detection test I would be glad to discuss the results and the process with you.  Confidentiality Guaranteed.


Certified & Accurate Through Strict Testing Protocols
Multi-State Licensed & Certified
Strict Adherence to Testing Protocols Established by the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists

I am licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and The Private Protective Services Board in North Carolina. I also work in Georgia (in Atlanta, Savannah and the Augusta areas), however, there is no licensing board for polygraph in Georgia. What this means is…the person you hire may or may not have any education or experience. It is important to understand the qualifications of the examiner you hire to conduct your polygraph or lie detector test

Where The Test Is Administered Matters

People always worry about finding a polygraph or lie detector test near me. I travel to multiple contracted facilities near you in order to provide a neutral territory. I do not work in your home for ethical and accuracy reasons. Your home is NOT a neutral place to create an environment for an accurate polygraph test. Local Days, Nights & Weekends Scheduling Is Available.

Lie Detector Polygraph Are Currently Administered throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
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Understanding the Fee Structure Costs for Lie Detector Polygraph

I understand the fee for a lie detector polygraph is always important.  Competitors of ours charge low fees for lie detector polygraph, but consider this… How much truth do you want? 

Assuming you desire to have the test done in the first place, as close to 100% as possible considering you are going to be making major life decisions based off the results.  If you aren’t willing to commit to accuracy and get your lie detector polygraph done right, we would recommend you DON’T DO IT.

That’s Right! Don’t Do It! You’re likely going to do more harm that good by basing your decisions and actions off unreliable data.  You will also severely hurt relationships and trust in the short and long term.  Plus you will have wasted good money on unreliable results.

Polygraph examiners who are willing to give cheap lie detector polygraph examination are more than likely taking shortcuts, even ones in the business for over 45 years.  This reduces the accuracy of the test.  Things like working in your home or utilizing old and outdated techniques from 35 years ago, have proven to demonstrate wanting to rush the process.

If on the other hand you have clarity on the reason why you are desiring to have a lie detector polygraph done in the first place and that maximum accuracy and “the truth” is the desired outcome, the choice to use the Polygraph Examiner is simple.  Our typical lie detector polygraph examination is anywhere from $900 to $1,500+, with the average fee of about $1,250. 

The cost of a polygraph lie detection test is not the most important thing. An ethical, accurate, reliable polygraph lie detection test is.

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The fastest way in contacting The Polygraph Examiner and have your questions answered is through our Polygraph, Lie Detection, and Lie Detector hotline. We are available days, nights & weekends, just call us at 1-800-497-9305.

What you can expect on your initial phone consultation with us:

  1. I’ll answer any burning questions you have.
  2. Tell me your story and together we decide what it is you really want accomplished with a polygraph test.
  3. I’ll explain how a polygraph test works, it’s benefits and limitations.
  4. Together we decide if a Polygraph, (Lie Detection or Lie Detector) test is really going to help.

The Polygraph Examiner

Local Certified, Confidential, Accurate and Licensed Making Polygraph, Lie Detection, and Lie Detector Tests in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Call today for a FREE consultation at 1-800-497-9305.

Why The Polygraph Examiner?

  • Multi-State Licensed & Certified
  • Strict Adherence to Testing Protocols Established by the American Polygraph Association
  • Accuracy Rates of 95 to 98 percent, compared to less quality testing options of only 50% +/-
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Local - Days, Nights & Weekends

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Polygraph, Lie Detection, and Lie Detector Examinations provide a unique, affordable opportunity to establish ground level truth from which you can make educated decisions.

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