Polygraph for Convicted Sex Offenders

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Polygraph for Convicted Sex Offenders

A 1990 study by Abel & Rouleau revealed that 561 known sex offenders had victimized a combined 195,407 individuals during their lifetime. That is an average of 348 incidents of victimization committed by each sexual offender.

These statistics are staggering and should stress the importance of having a thorough management program for convicted sex offenders.

Polygraph has become an integral part of the management program known as the The Containment Model.

One of the key ingredients in The Containment Model is a team approach with cooperation and information sharing between Probation & Parole Officers, Treatment Providers and Polygraph Examiners. This team effort has been called the ‘Containment Triangle’ and has proven to be vastly more effective than previous programs in reducing sexual offender re-offenses.

Probation & Parole Officers provide legal authority to act on violations of parole.
Treatment Providers provide training for an offender to learn internal controls to prevent re-offense.
Polygraph Examiners provide verification of the offender’s self reporting and compliance to treatment and conditions of parole.


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Four Types of Tests in the Containment Model

1. Instant Offense Disclosure Test – This polygraph test is related to the offense of conviction. It is essential because most treatment providers agree that treatment cannot be successful until an offender breaks denial.

2. Sexual History Disclosure Test – This test addresses deviant and criminal sexual behaviors that were part of the offender’s past, prior to the date of conviction. Gathering this information assists the treatment provider in creating or modifying an offender’s treatment plan and assists with the assessment of risk regarding the offender.

3. Maintenance Test – This test covers supervision and treatment compliance from the period of conviction to the present.

4. Monitoring Test – Otherwise known as a ‘community safety’ polygraph, this test is designed to determine whether the offender has committed a new sexual offense during the period of supervision.

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Proven Contributions of Polygraph to Sexual Offender Management

Research shows that polygraph is a vital compenent of the risk management of individual sex offenders for the following reasons:

1. Polygraph reveals significantly more victims than what the offender self-reports in treatment.

This is important, because treatment professionals agree that a complete and accurate picture of the offender’s lifestyle and sexual assault activity is necessary to effectively treat and safely manage the case.

Polygraph has proven to uncover additional victims of different genders, different age groups, and different relationships with the offender.

2. Polygraph Maintenance testing reveals additional high-risk behaviors before they lead to re-offense

Knowing these behaviors is necessary for the ongoing assessment of danger to the public. Through use of polygraph, one-third of offenders admit engaging in problem behaviors while under supervision and during treatment. If these high risk behaviors were not found during a polygraph examination, the offender is on the path to re-offense.

3. A Polygraph obtains additional information about individual offenders before making risk determinations.

This reminds us that a sex offender’s conviction crime is a snapshot in time and does not necessarily reflect all the types of victims the offender is willing to harm.

This enables parole officers to better structure conditions of parole and allows treatment providers to tailor a more thorough plan specific to each offender right from the start.

In summary, the greatest benefit of polygraph is its ability to break through denial. This yields previously unknown information to better manage a sex offender case.

We are fully trained and certified for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) with a commitment to utilizing the latest data and tools available in advancing the Containment Model.

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