FBI Polygraph Expert Confident in Results

FBI Polygraph Expert in NC, Mark RozziOn a WRAL (Raleigh) NC news program, NC Wanted, FBI polygraph expert Mark Rozzi, discusses the accuracy of polygraph examinations. Does Rozzi think polygraph is accurate? “If you don’t want the truth, don’t bring them into my room,” Rozzi said. Click here for the whole WRAL NC Wanted story. Se the video below.


When a defendant claims that the stress of the polygraph made them seem deceitful or that they were not a good candidate for polygraph, “Stress is factored in.” replied FBI Special Agent Rozzi. “The buttons that you’re pressing are not necessarily the ones on the computer; they’re the ones in people’s psyche. The real art with polygraph is the art of interview and interrogation; that’s what it comes down to. Your best polygraph examiners are skilled and experienced interviewers. They get people. They understand who they are, and the polygraph is a tool to get to the truth.”

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