Using Polygraphs to Exclude Evidence, Not Admit

Attorneys can employ dual, paired testing by certified polygraphists to exclude untrustworthy testimony. This is NOT submitting inadmissible evidence into court, but  EXCLUDING untrustworthy testimony from being entered into evidence. Utilizing polygraph exams in this manner, avoids violating the long standing prejudice against the admissibility of polygraph results.

By using independent polygraph examiners, attorneys “can help prove innocent people erroneously accused of offenses that, by their nature, seldom produce forensic evidence.” This dual polygraph examiner (exclusion based) technique is an affordable and practical approach to reducing the frequency of abuses and false allegations, before they get to court. Polygraph’s are very effective in “he said/she said” cases where one of a pair of opposed witnesses is almost certainly lying.

Assisting The Courts & Attorneys

In spousal abuse and domestic violence cases, certified lie detection can benefit attorneys and the court system by:

  • Reducing the number of groundless accusations. – An attorney’s offer of paired polygraph testing can supply a judge with early insight into the merits of the parties’ cases, whether the test is actually conducted or not, thus using the offer of polygraph as a tool to validate the veracity of your claim the courts.
  • Reducing the incidence of meritorious suits stymied by perjury-dependent defenses. Your case may be valid but polygraph tests can help you prevent a witness from perjuring themselves and jeopardizing a case.
  • Reducing the incidence of tried cases that are decided incorrectly due to perjured testimony. By discouraging many groundless lawsuits and frivolous defenses altogether, paired polygraph testing enables attorneys to negotiate a fast resolution, significantly reducing the courts’ caseloads.

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