FBI Polygraph Expert Confident in Results

On a WRAL (Raleigh) NC news program, NC Wanted, FBI polygraph expert Mark Rozzi, discusses the accuracy of polygraph examinations. Does Rozzi think polygraph is accurate? “If you don’t want the truth, don’t bring them into my room,” Rozzi said. Click here for the whole WRAL NC Wanted story. Se the video below.


Accuracy & Polygraph Examinations

The American Polygraph Association’ documents 2,174 field exams with an average accuracy of 98%. The polygraph examiner, not the machine, evaluates the truthfulness of the exam.


Beating a Polygraph Test: Myth Busted

The Mythbusters team tried to fool a polygraph using common misconceptions for ‘beating a polygraph’. Done properly, polygraphs are correct 80-99% of the time.