Mandatory Employment Polygraph Tests

Polygraph‘s are voluntary. Except… when they’re not. The cases cited below are citings of legal precedences where mandatory polygraph examinations were upheld in courts from all over the country when someone disputed the whole “mandatory” part. There are numerous precedences where mandatory polygraph examinations have held up in court1, especially in the cases of employment… Continue reading »


Polygraph vs. the Eye Witness

While nothing in evidentiary rules is probably more hotly contested than the admissibility of the use of polygraph examination results in court, it seems to be more of a bias against machinery than reliability.  For example, typical accuracy of a professional polygraph examiner is about 93%-98% accurate. Compare that to the accuracy of the most… Continue reading »


Enforced Public & Federal Polygraph Testing

Do criminals have more rights than public officials, civil servants or federal and public employees? Yes. Sometimes. Maybe. The bottom line is: Public and Federal employees are the people we entrust with our lives, safety, education and well-being.  While civilian criminals have certain rights that protect violations of their Constitutional freedoms, our civil servants have… Continue reading »


Polygraph Admissibility Revisited

The Supreme Court held that “certain Federal Rules of Evidence should govern the admissibility of scientific evidence and required the judge to make a preliminary assessment of the relevance and reliability of the evidence” .


Post Conviction Polygraph Testing Ethics

One of the major concerns with post conviction polygraph testing regards the Fifth Amendment. Legal and ethical concerns about polygraph testing on post-conviction sexual offenders…


Sexual Offender Management

Polygraph examinations are used as part of the treatment, management and containment of post conviction sexual offenders. The use of polygraph examinations with sex offenders is akin to using urinalysis testing with convicted drug offenders. But there’s more to it than that. It enables case workers to not only monitor the progress with post conviction… Continue reading »


Using Polygraphs to Exclude Evidence, Not Admit

Attorneys can employ polygraph testing to exclude untrustworthy testimony, EXCLUDING untrustworthy testimony from being entered into evidence.


Using Polygraph in Criminal Cases

In some cases, a polygraph is admissible. For the defense, a private polygraph examination removes any surprises. A skilled polygraph examiner can determine the baseline truth with 96% – 98% accuracy.


Sexual Offenders & Polygraph Exams

Besides usages in probation and parole hearings (& revocations at times), polygraph examinations have proven invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual offenders.


Creative Trial Defense Solutions via Polygraph

There are many ways that polygraph has been used successfully in legal support by utilizing creative options

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