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Beware, all Polygraph Lie Detection agencies are not the same. There are many things to know prior to Hiring a Polygraph Examiner, better known as a Lie Detector.

There are states that do not even have a licensing board. Even with a licensing board, it is a buyer beware process.

Some red flags for you to consider:

  • Polygraph examiners that will work in your home. Your home is an emotional place with many mental and physical distractions.
  • Polygraph Examiners utilizing the old outdated techniques. It is easier and quicker for them but the accuracy will be significantly impacted by that.
  • Some “Lie Detectors” utilize Voice Stress Analysis where they put a microphone on the shirt and claim they can detect lies. This is illegal in many states due to it being inaccurate (beware of this trick as they advertise as Polygraph).

There are thousands of websites that tell people how to beat a Polygraph or lie detector test so, for that reason, it is important to know what you should be looking for when it comes to accuracy, reliability and validity.

Andrew Goldstein, is a multi state (NC, SC, GA) licensed Polygraph examiner who would not work in your home. Andrew doesn’t utilize the old outdated techniques or inaccurate Voice Stress Analysis. In fact, Andrew utilizes neutral, confidential, sterile, facilities to conduct his Polygraph examination (aka Lie Detector tests).  Andrew utilizes the same format for murder as for infidelity, because to Andrew, “it is all about accuracy.”

Andrew is very transparent about his methods and techniques and would be glad to explain how a Polygraph Lie detector tests work. He is also the only Polygraph examiner in our state that travels with an actual polygraph chair with multiple motion sensors to see if someone is trying to (beat) the examination.

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